Getting to know your customers is a task in itself. Once you, as a Product Manager, assume that you’re on top of your user research and what the user is trying to achieve from your digital product- lo, and behold, new technology preferences or even newer customer trends appear.

Product Managers, on a daily basis, spend hours wondering why their user takes several steps from reaching point B from point A inside their product, even when the product teams ensured a “frictionless, intuitive” user journey inside the app.

The ability to empathise with users and their journey to achieve their…

Product in Focus is a series to acknowledge some great products available to us and what improvements or features could be added to them to make them even better.

The third application in this series is Splitwise.

The app has made it simpler for people to share expenses with their friends and family, and to stop stressing about “who owes whom”.

To emphasize, Splitwise is primarily an expense sharing and billing application. It simply wants to help reduce the stress and awkwardness that money puts on relationships of all sorts. …

With the global pandemic, the entertainment and media industry has been one of the most impacted ones, with production houses and theatres shutting down, while people quarantined themselves at home.

The business model of BookMyShow, the largest online entertainment ticketing platform, which solely revolved around this industry, bore a massive brunt on its revenues and had to make crucial decisions to evolve their product offerings to keep up with the changing times and their customers who were now relying on home entertainment and video streaming, more than ever.

Once the overall strategy for a product is finalised, the real question for Product Managers comes into view: What gets launched first? What needs to be cut off, what features go ahead in the upcoming version? Where and how to make a trade-off? Which stakeholder to listen to? Do PMs have the final say, or will the team even follow them?

Product in Focus is a series to acknowledge some great products available to us and what improvements or features could be added to them to make them even better.

The second application in this series is Goodreads.

Goodreads is an application that allows you to track books you read, write reviews, and follow any activity your friends might be up to.

To emphasize, Goodreads is primarily a book review and recommendations platform, not an e-book distribution service. By 2019, there were more than 90 million registered users and 2.6 billion books added.

I have been using this app for quite…

While diving deep into the domain of Product Management, it is inevitable to come across Minimum Viable Products and how companies have been successful (or have even failed) while launching the same in the past for their target audience.

But what do we actually mean by an MVP?
To explain in simpler terms, A Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is a product with enough features to attract early-adopter customers and validate a product idea early in the product development cycle.

Most traditional methods of gathering product feedback — such as surveys and customer interviews — require self-reporting from users and are based on their memories and perceptions of using a particular product.

When the product feedback comes only from survey forms or discussions with users about their experiences, companies can often draw the wrong conclusions, and hence will be unable to build a robust, reliable product strategy. Customers often don’t know or can’t articulate exactly why they interacted with a product in a specific way, or what they find most valuable about a product. As a result, this feedback is…

Product in Focus is a series to acknowledge some great products available to us and what improvements or features could be added to them to make them even better.

The first application in this series is Pocket.

The idea behind Pocket is simple: When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket. It lets you save articles, videos and stories from any publication, page or app.

I have been using this app for quite a few years and I am absolutely convinced it has made me read more, and better.

However, being an ardent user of…

I have been fascinated by customer-centric apps the moment I started working for one, during my 2-year stint with Accenture Solutions.

While pursuing MBA, it was an obvious step for me to move into the direction of Product Management with my previous background of Information Technology and my specialization in Marketing, currently.

PM School, a Linkedin Community of product enthusiasts, is where my journey began solving real-life case study challenges and to understand the nuances of this domain better.

One such challenge posted by them was to build a Whatsapp E-commerce MVP leveraging their existing capabilities to empower small business…

Ananya Nandan

Product Enthusiast | MBA Student at IIFT Delhi

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